Discover, Discover and Discover…

Viet Anh is the first international standard  school to be set up in Binh Duong Province. We have  about a thousand students attending in this school to-day.  In the 2012-2013 year Viet Anh school starts to introduce it’s  Kindergarten program for children from 3-5 years old.  The children will learn two languages:  English and Vietnamese. The unique curriculum focuses on developing concentration, observe and develop skills, play and learn, develop senses to the world around them. These simple skills are essential to prepare them for 1st grade in the very near future.


Learning environment is friendly, comfortable and close to nature

We believe that the more the children play and explore nature in a friendly environment the more they will develop their findings and self learning skills. Viet Anh school provides spacious areas and excellent facilities  in a safe and friendly atmosphere.


Classroom with good facilities

Learning ICT

Learn through play

Learn English

Safety at play

 Out-door activities

Safe toys and equipment

Role play: eg. “I am a doctor”


Small Class sizes:

Our class sizes are exceptionally small. The teachers have more time to care per individual child, more closely and with more help to develop their potentials.


The children play and learn by themselves in a fun environment

Large classroom with a small number of children


Rich curriculum and innovative teaching.

Along with the standard curriculum from the Ministry of education and training, Viet Anh uses practical methods of learning, play, enjoy, discover and learn, and a special program to observe and develop skills and concentrate to learn things around them independently.

Learning numbers.

Numbers and games.

Learn English through soft-wares

Learning about shapes

Traffic and traffic signs

Let’s rock and roll.

Modelling clay to shapes


Learn and play

Brick layers

Nature study

 The English language program

The curriculum is designed based on preparation for the Cambridge system for young learner’s. It is to train students learn English naturally and to develop natural sounds from the very beginning.  

English through software program.

Learn with a native speaker

Teachers are enthusiastic and specially  trained.

Viet Anh  school  teachers are trained to be patient to play and care for the children. Teachers observe  and take notes about the development of the children  and report to parents monthly.

Teacher plays with children.

Teaching role play

Learning with children

 Help learn ICT

Health care and Food service.

Viet Anh  school’s nursing staff monitors food service, Watch closely, their health and developments.  The health report is reported monthly.

Nurse examines the child’s health

Nurse measures the height of the child